Grace Community Church is a non-denominational church, located on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina.
We believe God’s idea and plan for His church is not simply one weekly Sunday morning attendance. He calls us to love Him with our whole hearts, souls, minds, and strength – all day, everyday.  We believe in a Gospel-Centered Life.  A Gospel-Centered life is an awareness of our brokenness and our need for Jesus.  With that in mind, we believe we have a Savior who created us and who pursues us, who redeems us, and restores us.  This is the good news of the gospel. 
We further believe the Gospel-Centered way of living is accomplished through the work the Holy Spirit does in our lives.  So, together, as the church, we teach, disciple and encourage each other with these truths that are contained in God’s word.  And we seek to share this good news with those we encounter.
At Grace Community Church, it is our desire to communicate and practice a ‘three legged’ approach to living Gospel-Centered lives.  This simple approach is a desire to Belong to Jesus, Belong to One Another and Belong in Service.
The ultimate goal is for each of us to intentionally position ourselves into becoming more like Jesus.