Gathering together on a regular basis to remember and respond to the redeeming work of Jesus is important to us. Our worship gatherings provide an opportunity for many expressions of worship.  If you have an interest in being part of Worship Ministry, consider one of these areas. 


Worship Bands
Our band consists of Keyboard players, Acoustic and Electric Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Aux. Percussion, and misc. other instruments.

Worship Vocals
Our vocalists serve on the team as the schedule permits. Music reading is not required but certainly helpful.

Sound Team
Provides technical support to the weekly Sunday morning worship services. Training is available.

Media Team
Provides media support for weekly Sunday morning worship. The primary task of this team is to prepare the worship texts on projection software. A working knowledge of computers and PowerPoint is helpful.

Videography/Movie Making
We need your help in creating short video clips for ministries at Grace. Event promotions, announcements, celebrations of God at work, sermon series support.

Visual Art
We would like to begin a Grace Art Gallery. Do you paint, draw, sculpt? Let’s talk.

Grace is blessed with a number of amazing writers. Let’s come together and prepare some tools for Life and Growth. The needs vary from writing for the annual Advent Devotional guide to preparing written pieces for various uses.



Take a moment and complete a worship@grace ministry questionnaire and let’s begin the conversation. Contact for more information