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I AM Statements of Jesus – Part 1

Scripture: John 6:28-35; 41-42; 47-51, John 8:12, 

John 10:1-10

This week, we begin a two-part series on the claims Jesus makes about Himself. There have always been speculations about who Jesus is. There have always been a lot of opinions about who Jesus was, what He taught and what His mission was. 


Through the gospel of John, John makes the case of why Jesus is worth believing. In his gospel, John records seven things that Jesus says about Himself.  

These seven statements reveal who He is, what He can do and how He desires us to live. They have commonly been called the ‘I Am’ statements of Jesus. 

You may remember, in the Old Testament, God named Himself, ‘I Am’. When Moses was about to lead the people out of slavery in Egypt, he asks God who he should say sent me?  

And God answers, ‘I Am Who I Am’. 

In John’s gospel Jesus makes the same claim about His place as God. He is making a claim that He is the same God of the Old Testament.  

So these statements were very radical and powerful then as they are today. 

These statements of Jesus tell us what God is like, what He wants to do for us and how He wants us to live in relationship with Him.  

This week, we will look at the first three ‘I Am’ statements: I Am the Bread of Life, I Am the Light of the World and I Am the Door