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Giving In Worship And Obedience
Our Prayer in Living Generously

Dear God,

there is nothing I have that You have not given me. All I have and all I am belong to You.I have been bought with a great price, with the blood of Jesus. So, to focus solely on myself, spend everything on myself, and to give without sacrifice, is the selfish way of the world - a place You cannot abide.

But generosity is the way of those who call Christ their Lord. Generosity is the way of those who love You with free hearts and serve You with renewed minds. It is the way of those whose hearts are in your kingdom and not in the systems of the world.

Therefore, I depend on and ask for the Spirit's help. With His strength, I am determined to increase in generosity. I am determined to be trustworthy with such a little thing as money that You may trust me with true ruches. Please help me to withstand the delusion of temporary riches and focus on eternal investments.

Above all, I am determined to be generous because You, Father, are generous. It is the delight of Your children to share Your character and behavior; of which I am one. Through generosity, use me to show who You are and what You are like to all the world. Amen


Giving is an act of worship and obedience, a way of outwardly expressing our trust in Jesus and a way to acknowledge that every good gift comes from Him.

We teach about it because many people who are new to our church have never heard these biblical principles nor had the opportunity to deepen their faith by beginning to give of their finances. If you are visiting, you are welcome to give but please feel no obligation. We are simply delighted you are with us today.

Scripture teaches that many promises of God’s blessing are directly connected to the practice of obedient faithful stewardship and generosity. Your heart will also be changed as you learn to give of all the Lord has given to you. You get to be part of God’s work here on earth.


Ways to Give at Grace

At Sunday Worship: During the offering or by placing your gift in one of the offering boxes as you leave the worship service. If you give cash, you may use an offering envelope so we can record your gifts for tax purposes.

Online: It’s simple and secure to give a single gift or schedule recurring gifts through your bank account (ACH), Debit or Credit Card. By Mail Through your Bank’s Payment services, 450 Spanish Wells Road, Hilton Head Island, SC 29926

Designated Giving: You may give to Elder/church approved Special needs or projects, via a separate check if able as they are separate accounts.

Giving to Mission Trips & Designated Missionary Support or Mission Special Projects

Benevolence Account: Money is used to provide temporary assistance to those in need.

Capital Improvement Giving for needs of the Campus facility or Grounds. A list of needed improvements are available.


Tax Receipts are issued annually or upon request.


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